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We are a boutique security and investigative consulting firm, where innovation, experience, reliability, and trust intersect. We focus on timely and comprehensive results, leveraging the 4th dimension of critical data and decades of federal law enforcement and intelligence community experience to provide the customized results you deserve. Our specialty services include digital forensics and incident response, insider threat and employee misconduct investigations, due diligence, executive protection and criminal and civil litigation support.

We are ready to assist with your investigative and litigation support needs. Whether you represent a client or require direct assistance, we stand ready to help. We are an all-source investigative and intelligence firm, with all necessary tools and expertise in-house, including digital forensic and analytical capabilities. This allows us to synthesize investigative data points more efficiently, providing our clients with better results, in less time, with better data security and at less cost.

Is your data safe? Have you been infected with malware? Are your employees practicing safe online security habits? Are you sure you would know?

In 2023, the average computer breach went undetected for over 200 days (click to read). At the same time, cases of insider threat activity continued to increase (click to read).

Proactive security measures can prevent millions in remediation costs and lost revenue. Contact us to setup enhanced malware scanning on a one-time or recurring basis. We can also provide full digital forensic analysis services on computers used by problem or recently departed employees to help safeguard proprietary data.

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Contact us for security assessments, executive protection, and other specialty consulting projects. We have extensive experience in domestic and international investigations and security operations.
We welcome the opportunity to discuss custom projects to help schools, businesses, and individuals advance their security posture and address evolving threats.

4DISS Logo

Harry A. Lidsky (Founder)

4DISS was founded by Harry A. Lidsky in 2023, following his retirement after 24 years of federal government service. Harry is a dynamic and innovative leader with a distinguished career in federal law enforcement and the intelligence community. During his tenure, Harry identified a need for tailored and creative investigative and security solutions. Prior to starting 4DISS, Harry served in various senior leadership positions within the U.S. government.

From March 2010 - September 2023, Harry worked for the Department of Justice - Office of the Inspector General, serving as a Senior Special Agent, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, and Special Agent in Charge of the Cyber Investigations Office. In those capacities at DOJ-OIG, Harry performed computer and mobile device forensic analysis, initiated insider threat investigations, conducted financial analysis, and conducted surveillance, technical, and undercover operations in furtherance of criminal investigations. As SAC, Harry led the DOJ-OIG team of insider threat, cyber security and digital forensic experts who investigate and prosecute cyber crimes affecting the Department of Justice and was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the DOJ-OIG office. Prior to joining DOJ-OIG, Harry spent over 10 years working in the intelligence community and as a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration. During that time, Harry executed hundreds of search warrants, arrests, seizures, and other enforcement actions; performed comprehensive electronic surveillance, including wiretaps; and conducted undercover operations.

Harry has testified at more than 200 federal proceedings, including jury trials, hearings, and grand jury inquiries. Harry has received numerous awards for leading high profile investigations and locating and recovering critical evidence. Harry's experience is now available to private sector clients through 4DISS.

Learn more about some of Harry's casework in the "Featured" section on his LinkedIn page here:


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We are located in Ashburn, Virginia, in the Washington D.C. area, providing security and investigative consulting and SME services worldwide. Contact us for a discreet consultation to discuss your requirements. You can reach us by email, phone, text or secure messaging by clicking on the links below:


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