Inves​​tigati  ns

We are prepared and ready to assist with your investigative and litigation support needs. Whether you represent a client or require direct assistance, we stand ready to help. We are an all-source investigative and intelligence firm, with all necessary tools and expertise in-house, including digital forensic and analytical capabilities. This allows us to synthesize investigative data points more efficiently, providing our clients with better results, in less time, with better data security and at a lower cost.

We expertly conduct witness and subject interviews and perform analysis of financial, open-source (OSINT), and digital forensic data as part of our overall investigative strategy.  We advise on what steps to take, and when, and ensure that relevant evidence is preserved and maintained appropriately for proper use in court if needed.  We can assist with messaging and with referrals for prosecution and provide courtroom testimony detailing our meticulous findings.

...and results

representative examples of services performed:

- helped secure the dismissal of a 28 count federal indictment through digital forensic analysis and interviewing.

- investigated multiple cases of employee misconduct resulting in financial loss to an employer.  4diss  identified and secured the necessary evidence and presented findings for prosecution.

- investigated a matter involving embezzlement and secured full restitution from a former employee after confronting them with evidence that was recovered through digital forensic analysis of a laptop.

- investigated a matter of suspected financial malfeasance where we identified and secured key communications through digital forensic services, conducted financial analysis, and recommended improvements for controls and safeguards to prevent future exposure.

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